Training manuals

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We switched to N+S training materials last year, and have been delighted with the enthusiastic response from our staff and students.  N+S materials are clear and authoritative, and their online mentoring and progress tools mean that we have confidence in the extended support available.
Managing Director
Maegis Ltd

N+S offers low-cost, high-quality courseware, written by experienced trainers. N+S courseware is produced to high standards. Our courses are designed to be suitable for instructor-led delivery, and include clearly stated objectives, comprehensive indexes, as well as review questions and hands-on, step-by-step, lab exercises.

Each student manual comes with an optional CD, containing a fully-searchable PDF version of the manual for on-screen study and revision.

Materials are attractively presented in glossy binders, which can be branded with your artwork and corporate image - at no extra cost.

Course manuals are available in A5, which makes them compact and ideal for a classroom environment. Courses are also available in A4 format on request.

Instructor versions of the manuals include answers to review questions and a CD, comprising a Classroom Set-up Guide and a PowerPoint presentation to accompany the course. Instructor manuals are the same price as the student manuals.

Add value with our integrated:learning components

You might be interested in adding value to your classes by including some of our integrated:learning components, such as online testing, mentor support or virtual lab environment with each manual.