Information Assurance

IT security is necessary but not sufficient. Information Assurance depends on all aspects of cybersecurity - physical, human and technological, as well as governance, risk management and compliance.

Data protection

GDPR has been a game changer. It's not just about the increased fines. Now the focus is not only on privacy and confidentiality but on all aspects of personal data security.

Offensive security

Think like a hacker to protect yourself against malicious actors. It needs to be part of your security mindset all year round - not just when it's time for the annual pen test.

Make use of our experience in cybersecurity by using our training and consultancy services.


Bespoke training

Work with us to create tailored training that is cost-effective and focussed on your needs, including syllabus, courseware, delivery and validation.

Online learning

We are experienced in developing and delivering online training programs across a variety platforms, including integrated classroom and online environments.

Secure coding

Are your applications secure by design and default? Train your developers in secure coding techniques and avoid expensive security retrofits.


For years, we have been producing high-quality courseware, both online and paper-based, to enhance our customers' training solutions.


DPO Services

You may need to appoint a Data Protection Officer because of the way you use personal data. For some SMEs and start-ups this can be onerous and expensive. Talk to us about how our DPO services could help.

The CISO and the Board

Cybersecurity threats are increasingly complex, requiring a joined-up response from the security function and senior management. Find out how we can help to improve the communication between CISO and Board.

About N+S

Networks and Systems Ltd is a UK-registered company founded in 1993, when it specialized in network training and consultancy. Over the past decade we have focussed increasingly on security, starting with network security. Today, we provide bespoke training and consultancy services in the cybersecurity space, from ethical hacking to information assurance, governance, risk management and compliance.

Passion is an overused word in marketing, but if we have one it is to help organizations bridge the gap between tech and senior management - a major obstacle to effective security. Whether you are a start-up looking to comply with data protection laws, or a large corporation needing to drive cultural change around security, we can help.

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